OPC Day Europe 2014 (14/15.05) hosted by FESTO

This event is open for OPC members and non-members

Benefits of attending

  • Attendees get to hear from the experts about OPC technical updates, information modeling and certification
  • Attendees get in-depth knowledge on how they can increase market share for their products using the OPC technology
  • Show commitment from international companies for support of our OPC standards


  • Scalability: OPC-UA in sensor level for energy measurement
  • Identifcation: Standardization in RFID Readers
  • Integrated: PLCopen-OPC-UA client in PLC controller 
  • Vertical: From production line into SAP/ERP
  • Vertical: UMCM plus OPC-UA: The new "USB connector" for MES systems
  • Human-Machine-Interface: OPC-UA on browser based mobile devices


  • Water treatment: M2M and Internet of Things IOT
  • Smart Metering: Measurement information form sensor into billing systems
  • Cloud: Easy secured connection from sensor into cloud
  • Demonstrations OPC UA: From controller to MES/ERP IT Enterprise

Participation fee

OPC members: 195.00 USD
Non-OPC members: 250.00 USD
Included in this fee: Lectures, Conference documents, catering and drinks.

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Pre conference

Not familiar with basic's of OPC-UA technology? Still think OPC is based on COM/DCOM? No idea how to start on your own and enable your product with OPC-UA?
If you answered one of these questions with "yes" please join this free of charge pre conference.

10:00 - 10:30  | Vision of Interoperability, Thomas Burke, President OPC-Foundation
10:30 - 11:15  | OPC-UA Technology , Jürgen Boxberger, Unified Automation
30min Q&A and coffee
11:45 - 12:15  | Security, Darek Kominek, MatrikonOPC
12:15 - 12:45  | Getting Started, Peter Seeberg, Softing
12:45 - 13:15  | Lunch (only for attendees of pre-conference



May 14th 

13:00 | Registration, coffee, exhibition
14:00 | Open Conference, Welcome (Stefan Hoppe OPCF / Helmut Deichert, Festo)
14:15 |  Keynote: Industrie 4.0 – the new production paradigm based on standards, Prof. Dr. Dr. Detlef Zühlke, Scientific Director Innovative Factory Systems (IPS), DFKI
15:00 |  OPC-UA: Technical Update, Status of adoption and collaboration, Status IEC Specification, Matthias Damm, Ascolab
15:45 |  OPC-UA Security Evaluation by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security): Jens Wiesner, BSI
15:55 |  Coffee break
16:30 |  IT meets Automation – What does this mean for SAP? Today’s capabilities and future direction, Rüdiger Fritz, SAP
16:50 |  OPC-UA in Smart Metering: Measurement information from sensor into billing systems, Roland Essmann, Elster
17:10 |  Feeding global OEE Management by OPC UA, Steffen Himstedt, Trebing + Himstedt
17:20 |  OPC-UA SOA PLC: Status and roadmap of cooperation PLCopen with OPCF, Stefan Hoppe, BECKHOFF Automation
17:40 |  Horizontal: M2M and Internet of Things heavily reduced costs in water treatment, Silvio Merz, ZWAV
17:50 |  Festo – we multiply OPC-UA!, Dr. Michael Hoffmeister, Festo
18:20 |  Welcome evening

  • Exhibition, meet sponsors
  • Guided company tour at FESTO

21:00 | End Day 1


May 15th 

09:00 |  OPC in Europe & World, Stefan Hoppe / Thomas Burke
09:20 |  Identification: Applications and mapping of RFID to OPC-UA | News about cooperation AIM & OPCF, Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Harting
09:40 |  Semantic interoperability for Plug-and-Work-functions in Industrie 4.0 – the combination of OPC-UA and AutomationML as industrial standards for interoperability, Dr. Olaf Sauer, IOSB
10:00 |  OPC-UA Information Model for CNC Human Machine Interfaces: Dr. Armin Lechler, ISW, Stuttgart
10:10 |  OPC-UA on browser based mobile devices, Matthias Freund, TU Dresden
10:30 |  Coffee break
11:00 |  OPC-UA to connect automation systems with the cloud, Dr. Johannes Schmitt, ABB
11:20 |  Vertical: UMCM plus OPC-UA: The new “USB connector” for MES systems, Angelo Bindi, Conti Teves
11:40 |  Embedded OPC-UA for valve monitoring and diagnostic applications, Almir BLAZEVIC, Areva, / Eric Oursel Euriware
11:50 |  Real world solutions & success stories
12:20 |  Q&A
12:30 |  End of conference




Industrie 4.0 - the new production paradigm based on standards
Prof. Detlef Zühlke

Industrie 4.0 describes a new production paradigm which is seen as the 4th industrial revolution. In future, production systems will be built from smart elements called cyber physical systems which are interconnected in an Ethernet/IP based network. For a safe and reliable operation future automation systems must rely on standards, which offer a very high level of security. The presentation will give insights on Industrie 4.0 and discuss the challenges for system design

OPC-UA: Technical update
Matthias Damm, Ascolab


Semantic interoperability for Plug-and-Work-functions in Industrie 4.0 - the combination of OPC-UA and AutomationML as industrial standards for interoperability
Dr Sauer, Fraunhofer Institut IOSB

One issue addressed in Industrie  4.0 is the automatic recognition, management and implementation of changes to the factory. Smart components 'know' their capabilities and 'know' the equipment to which they can be added. They may even change the configurational settings on their own in order to adapt to the manufacturing task or the production equipment to which they have been added. The preconditions for this kind of adaptivity include:
- Security
- Standardized communication, e.g. via OPC-UA and
- Standardized self-description of the capabilities of equipment using e.g. AutomationML 

Festo – we multiply OPC UA!
Dr. Michael Hoffmeister, Festo

Festo is about to foster OPC UA in various product applications as well as in different segments of business areas. Research projects are the front end in testing future use cases for industrial communication with OPC UA. Didactic projects will bring the knowledge about OPC UA to universities and schools via implementations in modular production systems. The new factory of Festo in Scharnhausen will be equipped with industrial communication with OPC UA. Last not least: Festo motion control systems will be able to communicate with integrated OPC UA server and client technology.

Horizonal: M2M and Internet of Things heavily reduced costs in water treatment
Silvio Merz, ZWAV

End user solution reporting about makeing use of PLCopen OPC-UA Functionsblocks to let devices communicate autonom in an intelligent system which each other. The presentation is about benefits for end users and will provide a deep insight in the advantages of using opc ua, like:
- easy engineering
- reliable technology
- secure connection
- cost effectiveness up to 90% initial software costs

IT meets Automation - What does this mean for SAP? Today's capabilities and future direction
Rüdiger Fritz, SAP

The fact, that SAP relies on OPC UA as enabler for the complete vertical integration between PLC and ERP is already well known. We have proven our capability to go way beyond pure data collection and we are ready to automate the production based on bi-directional communication between PLC and Manufacturing Execution System down to the level of material and operation specific PLC parameters. In future, we intend to expedite the automation point of view also to the level of engineering so that a IT meets automation from Idea to Delivery.

OPC-UA to connect automation systems with the cloud
Dr. Johannes Schmitt, ABB

- New architecture and protocolls for OPC-UA to connect to cloud systems
- Analyze of handling and performance
- OPC-UA proxy-server in the cloud to enable cloud apps to connect to distributed parts in the plant

Execution of end-to-end data availability with embedded OPC Unified Architecture
Almir Blazevic, AREVA & Eric Oursel, Euriware
Strong demand for improved access to shop-floor data is driving control automation vendors to make their devices as easy to integrate as possible. Embedded OPC Unified Architecture (UA) presents tremendous opportunities for device vendors to make their products stand out with native open data connectivity that is more secure, easier to integrate in multi-vendor environments, and opens doors to new markets due to the widespread use of OPC. An example for this is the company AREVA, which has already included embedded OPC UA in their devices.


Identification: Applications and mapping of RFID to OPC-UA
Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Harting

In the context of integrated industry or "Industry 4.0" the interoperability and the communication between machines and objects is a fundamental requirement. RFID in combination with OPC-UA provides an excellent solution. RFID allows to communicate with any object, regardless if a molding tool in a big machine, a train or a container. And with OPC-UA you get the data into your PLC, database or SAP system. Latest applications are shown and first steps of defining a mapping of RFID commands into the OPC-UA world are discussed based on the proposals defined by the AIM working group.

OPC-UA: Status of adoption and collaboration with other organizations in the world
Thomas Burke, President OPC Foundation

OPC-UA is a success story being adopted in all area's: From smallest sensor, field devices, PLC'S, HMI, MES and cloud systems. This presentation gives an overview on OPC activities all over the globe


SOA enabled PLC: Remote service execution into the IEC61131-3 controller
Status and roadmap of cooperation with PLCopen
Stefan Hoppe, BECKHOFF / President OPC-Europe

In collaboration with the OPC Foundation, the PLCopen (association of IEC6-1131-3-based controller manufacturers) has defined corresponding OPC UA client function blocks. In this way the controller can play the active, leading role, in addition or as an alternative to the usual distribution of roles. The PLC can thus horizontally exchange complex data structures with other controllers or vertically call up methods in an OPC UA server in an MES/ERP system, e.g. to retrieve new production orders or write data to the cloud. This enables the production line to become active autonomously – in combination with integrated OPC UA security a key step towards Industry 4.0.

OPC-UA on browser based mobile devices
Mobile applications using JavaScript based OPC UA implementation

Matthias Freund, TU Dresden


Smart Metering: Measurement information from sensor into billing systems
Roland Essmann, Elster

"A safe and reliable communication protocol plays an important role in smart metering”, says Carsten Lorenz, AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) Manager at Elster GmbH, a leading supplier of smart meter products for gas, water and electricity. Integrated encryption of sensitive meter data is an important argument for OPC UA.


Vertical: UMCM plus OPC-UA: The new "USB connector" for MES systems
Angelo Bindi, Conti Teves









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